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  • Get your Raya Glow On in Just 3 days

    With the month of Ramadhan coming to an end and Hari Raya just around the corner, let your celebrations begin with glow!Here are some skincare tips...
  • Should I choose vegan skincare?

    The term “Vegan” has been a buzz lately with more people being conscious about the welfare of animals and the environment. Vegan skincare is either...
  • NO, Gua Sha massage is NOT just another Tik Tok Trend & is here to stay..

    3 scientific facts behind why we at Yindi Naturals are keeping the gua sha stone as one of our recommended beauty rituals. 1.Boosts blood circulation 2. Drains the lymph 3. Relaxes... read more
  • 5 Minute 5 Movement Guasha Facial Massage

    The Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice for massaging your body to enhance energy flow and blood circulation. There is now a resurgence of th...
  • How to Create a More Mindful Skincare Routine

    Mindfulness is a mind and body connection by being intensely aware of what you're sensing and feeling in the moment. Being the largest sensory organ in our body, skin mirrors a lot of our inner feelings and state of mind. A hectic urban lifestyle, constant distractions from digital devices and the need to constantly multi-task has become one of the main reasons of being in an “overwhelmed” state of mind. In order to reconnect and restore inner balance, skincare users are now opening up to skincare that gives them a sense of ‘time out’. 
  • Urban Skincare Guide: 5 Effective Ways to Reduce the Effects of Urban Pollution on Your Skin

    Prolonged exposure to high levels of pollution can cause alterations to the skin barrier forming process causing premature ageing as well as inflammatory skin conditions (such as atopic dermatitis and eczema).
  • How all that blue light from prolonged screen time is damaging our skin?

    Uncontrolled and prolonged exposure to blue light from the screens of our digital devices is known to hit deeper into the skin layers compared to UVA and UVB rays. This triggers free radical production that damages DNA in the skin cell which causes premature ageing.