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5 Minute 5 Movement Guasha Facial Massage

The Gua sha is an ancient Chinese practice for massaging your body to enhance energy flow and blood circulation. There is now a resurgence of this practice but in a far more gentler form. A smaller version of the tool, made out of crystals is used to apply a firm pressure over the face, scraping across the skin in long strokes.
The main benefits of Guasha Facial massage are:
1. Forms a Grounding Ritual
The slow and gentle touch of crystals against our skin is deeply relaxing and activates a relaxed state of mind. Using the Guasha crystal as a medium to tune ourselves into a calm and centered state of mind truly transforms this cosmetic treatment into a truly stress relieving and grounding ritual.
2. Glow with Flow
Guasha can also be used to prevent and clear acne, de-congesting the skin and lessening inflammation. The technique itself oxygenates and carries nutrients to the skin cells reducing appearance of dull & tired skin. The action of gently scraping the Guasha tool across the skin aids in serum/moisturizer product penetration, so those juicy phytonutrients go deeper into the layers of skin to feed us even more hydration.
3. Natural Facelift
Since Guasha helps stimulate circulation to skin and tones facial muscles. The increased blood flow and flushing of fluid retention, and toning of the facial muscles, resulting from Guasha contributes to a more lively, plumped up and youthful appearance.
4. Stimulates lymphatic drainage for detoxifying skin
A lymphatic drainage massage is designed to follow the pathways of the lymph, lymph nodes, and uses a soft touch to assist the body in draining and detoxifying toxins from skin.
5.Collagen Booster
Stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems through facial Guasha can help increase collagen production. This increased collagen helps to fill in wrinkles and plump the skin.