Our co-founder, Maarish, who has over 13 years of experience in clinical pharmacy in Australia and Malaysia, was a chronic weeping eczema sufferer herself all through her teenage life. She never realized that the environment one lived in played such a huge factor on their skin health. She use to scratch her skin till it bled and wept whenever she was in a dusty or polluted environment for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Steroids and potassium permanganate soaks were her only go to back then. This condition thankfully improved when she moved overseas  to study in a much less populated and polluted town.  However, when she moved to a metropolitan city to start her career as an intern community pharmacist, she started noticing some of her symptoms return. What puzzled her even more was a prominent pattern of skin related complaints amongst those living in urban environments. Presentations of eczema wasn't the only common urban skin issue anymore. Acne, hyperpigmentation, dry patches, skin inflammation, dark eye circles and premature wrinkle formation were some of the many skin concerns urbanites were voicing out at an earlier age. This was her eye opener. Maarish had a vision of creating a green and clean skincare brand focusing on urban skin problems that is specifically designed for sensitive skin which is natural, safe, effective and backed by science.

At Yindi, we believe that Mother Nature has all the ingredients that we need to nourish our bodies. With this strong philosophy in mind, we are staying true to our promise of being a green beauty brand by formulating skincare that is vegan, natural, cruelty free and earth friendly. We take pride in our practices that not only protect but nurture the very same Mother Nature who is providing us with the most amazing ingredients for our bodies.

With the close guidance of clinicians on board in our customer service team, we’ll be there guiding you closely in making the most effective choices for your personal skincare needs.