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NO, Gua Sha massage is NOT just another Tik Tok Trend & is here to stay..

Being true to our brand value and as a very science based clinical pharmacist myself, I did extensive reading to justify the need of including the gua sha tool as part of our recommended minimalist skincare ritual.

The gua sha tool has been an ancient Chinese practice for energy and blood flow for centuries. Traditionally, the tool is made out of buffalo horn or stainless steel which is applied vigorously to skin till it is red.

However, now, the resurgence of the trend is a gentler form. Using a smaller version of the tool that is made from quartz or gemstone. Although we despise the fact that many influencers on social media have been calling gua sha massages an “Instant Face Lift”, here’s the 3 scientific facts behind why we are keeping the gua sha stone as one of our recommended beauty rituals.

Fact 1 - Boosts blood circulation to skin

Scientific evidence shows that gua sha massage can increase up to fourfold microcirculation in skin. Good blood circulation in your face delivers fresh oxygenated blood and removes stale, toxin filled blood. This is helpful for skin cell regeneration for scar reduction, collagen boosting for those who want to delay the sign of wrinkles & fine lines as well as move along gunk stuck in pores for those who suffer from acne.

Fact 2 - Drains the lymph

The lympathic system collects excess fluid from cells and tissues throughout the body, then cleans it before returning it to the blood.

The lymph system doesn’t have any sort of “pump”. Stagnant lymph can lead to sluggishness, swollen glands, fatigue, stiffness and puffiness. The only way to keep it flowing is through movement and exercise.

Gua sha massages directly stimulate the lymphatic system, promoting drainage of stagnant lymph. Basically, facial massages focusing on your face and neck are a way of clearing out a giant drainage system in the area. It clears things such as toxins, water retention and clogged pores in your facial area and reduces puffiness, improves facial elasticity and makes your skin clearer.

Fact 3 - Relaxes facial tension  

The gentle strokes you apply while gliding the gua sha tool over skin breaks up muscle tension gathered in those areas. If you tend to hold a lot of tension in their brow or jaw area during stressful situations, the gua sha massage is able to relax those knotted muscles and reduce the appearance of fine lines in your brow or jaw areas.

More importantly, I love the feeling of going into a meditative state for that few minutes when I dedicate my time to the guasha routine. It creates a great bedtime ritual as holding the tool in my hand whilst smelling the calming scent of Yindi Urbanite facial oil helps me to focus on the moment and wind down for the day. Feeling the tension of my facial muscles melt away makes me feel reconnected to my body without any other distraction from the virtual world or surroundings.

Gua Sha Routine


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